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Reagan Pearson


Reagan Pearson is the Owner, Founder, and CEO of Bomb City Roofing! Texas born and Amarillo raised since she could walk, and passionate about her community locally and nationally!  She has a wonderfully supportive husband and three beautiful children. Furthermore, she is very passionate about helping others, providing quality work and giving her clients a great experience. Even though roofing can be an extremely stressful process. Reagan's main goal is to help property owners in the United States with their roofing needs, even if her company is not hired for the project.


She started "Roofing Tips With Regan" to share her knowledge with people around the world. As a result she helps millions of property owners with their most valuable assets, and gives them confidence when it comes time to replace their roof. Reagan strives to give everyone the absolute best experience possible with home restoration. After all, it is YOUR home! You deserve to get taken care of and be blessed by good quality customer service.

How To Protect Your Personal Property From A Storm

By Reagan Pearson | April 30, 2020

In this article Roof Tips With Reagan goes over several helpful tips on how to protect your personal property from a storm. Tips On How To Protect Your Personal Property From A Storm Do you live smack dab in the middle of a storm-prone location like Amarillo TX? It is […]

Are Solar Powered Attic Fan’s Worth it?

By Reagan Pearson | April 30, 2020
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Short answer, YES! Solar Powered Attic Fan’s can save you thousands on cooling costs. If you experience extreme heat and want to help cool your house during the summer, you should read this post. I had a customer complaining about how hot it gets in his attic in the summer! […]

When should I get my roof inspected?

By Reagan Pearson | April 28, 2020
Certainteed Grand Manor Roofing

Your roof needs attention too. With time everything wears outs, so does your roof. We take care of the walls and floor of our houses, cleaning and repairing them regularly. But we often forget about the roof. Usually, we don’t observe any slight changes in the roof condition, and significant […]

Roof Bids And The Truth | Why They Are Bad

By Reagan Pearson | March 18, 2020
truth about roof bids in Amarillo Texas

Roof Bids should not be obtained to settle an insurance claim. With a typical roof replacement, you will probably have a few contractors give you several bids. When it comes to storm restoration, getting multiple bids can actually hurt the value of your home. Furthermore, benefiting your insurance provider. Your […]