Protection Plan

Our protection plan is designed to give you peace of mind. We monitor and maintain your roof so you can forget about it.

The best part, it's FREE!

We only have a limited amount of available spots, so you have to act fast in order to secure your spot.

What you get.

Free maintenance/repairs.

9 Point Preventative Maintenance.

Severe Weather Monitoring

Hassle Free Yearly Inspections.

Post Storm Hassle Free Inspectionsย 


Hassle Free Yearly Inspections

Manufacturers suggest yearly inspections. These inspections will maximize the life of your roof and keep your home protected. From defects to minor repairs, yearly inspections will help keep your family safe.

9 Point Preventative Maintenance ย 

Most people are unaware of the preventative maintenance that is needed for roofs. Flashing, paint, skylight, valley, trees, chimney, ridge, shingles, vents all need to be working properly to ensure safety.

Free Maintenance & Repairs

Unfortunately your roof will need minor repairs and maintenance periodically. We offer our protection plan members a $500 credit (per year) to help with this cost. Credits reset every year and can not be transferred or rolled over to the next year. If the $500 credit is not used by the end of the year it will be lost. $500 credit can only be used for maintenance and/or repairs.ย 

Severe Weather Monitoring

Our team will monitor the weather in your area. This helps in the event of a severe storm that damages your property. ย 

Post Storm Hassle Free Inspectionsย 

If your property was impacted by a severe storm, we will automatically schedule a hassle free inspection. Text notifications will be used to let you know about the scheduled inspection.ย 


Must Pass Our Pre Qualifying Inspection

All pre existing damage/defects must be properly repaired before the property is added to Bomb City Roofingโ€™s Protection Plan. Bomb City Roofing has full discretion to accept or deny any property at anytime.