How To Protect Your Personal Property From A Storm

In this article Roof Tips With Reagan goes over several helpful tips on how to protect your personal property from a storm.

Tips On How To Protect Your Personal Property From A Storm

Do you live smack dab in the middle of a storm-prone location like Amarillo TX? It is no secret that storms, especially the ones that have the privilege of getting named, can cause some pretty detrimental damages. From tearing up your home’s exterior to destroying your favorite lawn décor, it can be a messy (and sometimes expensive) clean up afterward. However, there are some fundamental things you can do in and around your home to prepare for storm arrivals to minimize the adverse effects. Here are some helpful tips for protecting your personal property from a storm.

When you have a lot of prep time to prepare for a storm

Let’s say your community news indicated that a nasty storm is coming, but it will not hit for a couple of days. This should be your clear sign to get moving. When you have some leeway, use it to your advantage.

• Cut any loose tree limbs or rotted trees close to your home to prevent them from flying off. If not, it could cause damage when they impact something.

• Do you have a fence? Now is the time to secure it properly, so it does not lift or get thrown against the house.

• Clean Your gutters to prevent flooding occurring inside your home.

• Move all outdoor things inside in a safe and dry location. Or secure them down if they are too large to migrate indoors.

When You Have Little Time

Oh no, a storm just formed, and you have less than 10 minutes to get prepped. If this is the case, ditch the trees and gutters and focus on your lawn décor and supplies. Furthermore if you have a spacious garage or detached shed, quickly move anything you can inside. By doing this it will help protect it from the elements. This includes any flags, awnings, windchimes, birdfeeders, sculptures, etc. Other considerations for moving those items indoors include:

• Keep them safely away from windows and far back from any emergency exits.

• Make sure shed doors are tightly closed. This will help prevent the hinges from coming loose and flying open.

• If you have heavy items, such as a grill, lift with your legs and not your back. This will help avoid personal injuries.

• Check for anything electronic, unplug it and only store it in a place you know will remain dry.

• If you still have some items outdoors when the storm hits, leave it if it is too dangerous to grab. Your safety should be your top priority at this point and get indoors.


Storms can be unpredictable, but that does not mean you have to sit back and let Mother Nature take its coursewreaking havoc. You worked hard for that house you have, so protect it the best you can. So, when your radar goes off that a storm is brewing, be productive, and do the tips above. It might stop your lawn chair from busting through your window into your living room. Furthermore keep in mind that you cannot stop or prevent everything completely. Although, there is certainly no harm in reducing the negative outcomes so you can make it through each storm as safe as possible.

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