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Class 4 Certification

  • 100% Accuracy
  • Order Online
  • Fast Delivery
  • Roof Inspected

Property Inspection

  • Roof inspected
  • Windows inspected
  • Siding inspected
  • Detached Structures inspected

Property Claims Training

  • Customer Retention
  • Team confidence
  • Claims Process
  • Maximize Customer Experience.


Studies show that 74% of homeowners shop for a 

different insurance carrier after a claim. Unfortunately this 

happens because the property owner has a

negative experience with the claims process 

Partnering with Bomb City Roofing will give the 

property owner a positive experience that

reflects on your agency. If you would like

more information please schedule a claims

training session. 

What We Offer

Class 4 Certifications

Class 4

Bomb City Roofing provides our team with exclusive training to guarantee our class 4 certifications. As a result we guarantee all class 4 certificates submitted. We deliver our class 4 certifications within 24 hours.


Roofing Inspection

Our property inspections are more than just roof inspections. We train our staff to look for damage throughout the property including window, roof, siding, detached structures, and gutter. We provide photo proof and explanations of everything that is found so you can make the right decision to file a claim or not.

Claims Training

InsuranceFREE training that helps your staff gain and retain customers. We are insurance claims experts and know the process from all sides. In the claims process the property owner must work with a contractor and their insurance agent. Here at Bomb City Roofing we believe that working together will give the property owner a positive experience that leads to customer retention for both companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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