When should I get my roof inspected?

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Your roof needs attention too.

With time everything wears outs, so does your roof. We take care of the walls and floor of our houses, cleaning and repairing them regularly. But we often forget about the roof.

Usually, we don’t observe any slight changes in the roof condition, and significant damage attracts our attention. Until then, the damage is done, and you have to spend a large amount of money on the repair or, in some cases, completely replace the roof.

With the ever-changing weather conditions and the roughness of seasons, the building material and structure gets affected. The scorching heat of summer and the cold snow season has a considerable effect on your roof. 

At first, the damages are not visible, but suddenly in heavy rainfall, it may start leaking or cracking. The scars on the roof are a significant safety concern.

The roof may get damaged caused by hail or blow off in the case of a wind storm. The rough condition of the roof may decrease the resale value of your property, causing you a huge loss financially.

Our roof plays a valuable role.

A roof protects us from all of the outdoor elements. So we should also pay attention to maintain its condition. There is a famous saying that if you make one stitch in time, then it will save you from nine stitches later.

Likewise, we must get our roofs inspected regularly so that small damage gets repaired and storm damage gets paid for appropriately by the insurance carrier.

Many contractors provide services to inspect the roof and fix them in the case when damage is found. But still a question of how much does a roof inspection cost and when should I get my roof inspected.

Well, we have the answer to your questions. 

Some of the factors deciding when you should think about getting your roof inspected are:

1. Weather conditions:

The roof inspection frequency depends on the weather conditions of the city you live in. If you experience more hail or wind storms, then the roof inspection must be more frequent as the heavy wind pressure, and hail tends to damage the roof a lot.

Also, after a heavy hailstorm, it is recommended that you get your roof inspected to check for any damage caused during the storm.

Roof inspection before upcoming storm season is beneficial to save you from any leakage from the roof due to damage that would result in further worsening of the roof condition.

2. Building age:

Another critical factor to consider is how old is the construction of your house. An old roof may need more attention and must be maintained and inspected yearly. While a newly constructed roof may seem like they are fine, improper installation will slowly reveal itself over time.

3. Inspection cost:

The roof inspection cost is a significant factor in deciding the roof inspection. Most of the contractors offer free of cost inspections after a storm or tough weather season while some charge a little. 

4. Surroundings:

Another major factor is the surroundings of your house. If large trees then there is a chance of large branches falling on your roof that may damage your roof.

Benefits of a roof inspection

Getting your roof inspected is highly recommended giving you several benefits such as:

1. Prevents major costly repairs:

Getting a regular roof inspection will keep you updated on your roof condition. Regular maintenance is done, saving any significant damages like leakage or broken shingles. These significant damages on the roof may cost you a considerable sum in repairing, and you don’t want that to happen. 

2. The better resale value of the property:

With a maintained roof, the resale value of your home is higher,even if the construction is old. Roof repair and replacement is a significant expenditure, and you must choose the small investment of time and money to maintain this investment.

3. Easier insurance claims:

If you get your roof regularly inspected, then in case of any accidental damage and major repairing, you can easily claim insurance.The roof inspection team will guide you through all the damages that the insurance policy can cover and give you helpful knowledge so that you can make a confident decision to file a claim

4. Safety:

Roof inspection doesn’t have only the financial benefits one should be interested in but also ensures the safety of you and your family living under that roof. When a storm impacts your home it can cause major damage. As a result hail and wind can cause damage to an older roof much easier. Furthermore giving the outdoor elements an opportunity to enter your home and cause damage to the interior. In many cases hail can actually enter a home and injure your family inside. Nothing feels worse than being unsafe in your own home. Also, a leaking roof may damage all of your belongings kept underneath causing extra added costs.

5. Low cost:

Roof inspections cost very little and most roofing companies offer this free of charge so anyone can afford them. So, you don’t have to wait to get an inspection done quickly after a storm.

Frequency of roof inspection

Roof inspections are recommended every year, and in case of old construction or tough weather sites, a more frequent inspection schedule is advisable. Regular inspections will help you keep track of your roof condition, and you can easily schedule any yearly repairs to keep your roof in new condition.

An annual report of your roof condition will benefit you in increasing your property value, and your one-time investment in the construction will pay off for a long time especially if your insurance provider covers the cost to replace or repair it.

What to do next?

Bomb City Roofing offers free inspections and delivers results within 24 hours. Our team will guide you through the process and educate you about how claims work and why supplementing is important.

So, save your property today from the wear and tear of damaging storms and the aging of construction. Schedule a roof inspection so that your property remains in its mint condition and has a longer life.

Submit your information today to receive an inspection within 24 hours. We can help anywhere in the United States!

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