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If you need a new roof and want to know how to get the insurance to pay for it then you have come to the right place. If the insurance is covering the cost of your new roof then why not hire the best roofer near you?

Why will my insurance pay for a new roof?

The majority of property insurance policy’s will cover storm damage to your home. Therefore, if a storm with large hail or strong winds damage your roof then the insurance provider will cover the costs to repair it. As a result your insurance will pay for a full replacement on qualifying damage.

Most people understand why the insurance will cover the cost to replace a roof that has wind damage but why hail damage? Homeowners are most likely unaware of hail damage to their roof. After all the only way to check for hail damage is from the rooftop, and only a trained professional will know what to look for. This is why most roofing companies, like Bomb City Roofing, offer free inspections.

Filing A Claim

Before you file a claim it is advised that you get an inspection of your property. This will ensure that a valid claim will be filed. If not, unjustified claims can count against you and potentially lead to your provider canceling your policy.

Once you get your property inspected it’s time to file a claim. This can be done by calling your agent or using your insurance providers website or even an app. If you have questions about filling a claim give us a call at 806-542-2671z

Hire A Storm Restoration Expert

Storm restoration is not the same as roofing. An insurance claim takes a specific set of skills and knowledge. Having a storm restoration expert on your side can help protect you from the insurance not paying the correct amount. Making sure the insurance provider pays for any underlying issues and/or city code requirements, can save you thousands of dollars on your roof replacement.


What does this mean?

Your property insurance provider can reject a claim that is not filed within a year of a qualifying storm. Insurance providers are doing this to protect themselves from paying for damage that was caused due to the property owners unawareness.

Let me dive into this a little.

Being unaware of damage to your property or home can cause extensive damage caused by elements like rain or wind. Once damage is caused to your home, regardless if you know it or not, elements like rain will continue to cause more extensive damage. Most of the time you are unaware of damage that is being done to your home. This results in extra cost in order to restore your property. Therefore the insurance is not responsible for damages caused by your unawareness of the existing damage.

Stop thinking “my roof is fine”!

This is possibly one of the most irresponsible ways to think. It’s kind of like the same concept of thinking your car is fine if it is still running. Just like cars a roof needs regular maintenance and inspections to make sure it is performing at its best. Again, this is why roofing companies like Bomb City Roofing offer free inspections and recommend them annually.

Why do I need annual roof inspections?

Annual roof inspections can be the difference of getting your property insurance provider to pay for a new roof or not. I explained above why most insurance providers have a deadline. These deadlines are usually one year after a qualifying storm. Therefore a yearly inspection can help increase your odds of getting a new roof that is funded by your property insurance.

Most roofing companies offer free inspections. Schedule an inspection with a roofer near you to stay protected and maximize the life of your roof.

Why wouldn’t you hire the best?

If your properly insurance is covering the cost to replace your roof, why wouldn’t you want to hire the best. Finding a roofing company that does not cut corners can save you time, money, and energy in the future. When you hire the best roofing company you increase the life expectancy on your new roof.


You can get your property insurance provider to pay for a new roof by using these inside tips. Make sure to get an annual roof inspection to maximize your odds!

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