Class 4 Roof Savings On Project Jimmy

Project Jimmy was an undertaking that Bomb City Roofing felt confident about in order to get Jimmy a class 4 roof. This is a story on how a homeowner was able to save thousands of dollars a year on insurance. Also, giving the homeowner one of the best composition roofs possible.

The Issue

In this project the homeowner was struggling with high insurance premiums caused by his wood shake roof. As a result Jimmy was left feeling trapped and helpless. See, Jimmy had tried for years to get his insurance to replace his wood shake roof. Unfortunately the insurance only saw the surface of the damage and refused to replace it. He even tried hiring a different roofing company that resulted in yet another failed attempt.

Wood shakes are one of the most expensive types of roof material on the market. Furthermore, they are highly flammable and cause total losses once a flame is ignited. One of the biggest issues with this type of roof is that the insurance does not like paying to replace them. As a result, wood shakes will go years without getting the repairs they need, even with qualifying damages.

The Solution

When Bomb City Roofing faces a problem they face it head on, and that is exactly what they did with this project. In order to find a solution to Jimmy’s problem BCR had to find the qualifying damage. Luckily, most older wood shake roofs have existing damage that justifies a full roof replacement.

After an inspection from highly trained eyes they were able to find the existing damage. Unfortunately they knew that project Jimmy was going to be a battle, but that did not stop them from trying. After spending several months of going back and forth with the insurance provider Bomb City Roofing was able to get the qualifying damages approved.

The Results-Class 4 Roof

When Jimmy agreed to let Bomb City Roofing help with his claim he had no idea how much they could actually help.

After months of battling, BCR was able to get the insurance to agree for a full roof replacement. It was finally time to replace the roof so Jimmy could start saving thousands. Jimmy decided to go with one of the best composition roofs made by CertainTeed. The Presidential Shake IR offers the beautiful texture of a wood shake roof with the versatility of a composition roof.


Project Jimmy was finally coming to an end, and the results were breathtaking. Jimmy was able to save a total class 4 roof savings of $1684 a year on his insurance premiums. Furthermore, he was left with one of the best composition roofs. Jimmy can finally rest easy knowing he is protected with a class 4 roof that will last for years.

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