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1. Amarillo Texas Hoof Prints

Amarillo Texas Hoof Prints

Hoof Prints Of The American Quarter Horse is a project of Center City of Amarillo and the sponsor of the project is the American Quarter Horse Association. HPOTAQH is a city wide public art display with over 100 fiberglass American Quarter Horses. Furthermore the displays are exact replicas of the American Quarter Horse. Created in 2002, Hoof Prints of the American Quarter Horse, has helped financially with Center City of Amarillo.

2. The Big Texan’s Famous Steak.

This might be one of the biggest reason why Amarillo Texas is known around the world. The famous FREE 72 ounce steak is what most people know about The Big Texan. The steak is free to anyone who can eat the entire meal in 1 hour. But, the meal consists of the steak itself, a bread roll with butter, a baked potato, shrimp cocktail, and a salad. Although, if the meal is not finished within the hour it costs $72.

3. Prairie Dog’s Nickname

What the heck is a Sod Poodle? A prairie dog, but why? Well Sod Poodle is actually a nickname given to prairie dogs by pioneers a long time ago. The nickname was giving to them because of their aggressive, and protective nature. Plus I bet they though it was fun to say. I mean who wouldn’t want to tell their dog “skit on out there and get that sod poodle”? Pioneers might have been known for their discoveries but there is no doubt they had to have a sense of humor to come up with a name like “Sod Poodles”.

4. Who Was Behind The Logo

The Amarillo Sod Poodle logo had a great number of people that influenced the final product. But the main creators are a couple of best friends from San Diego. They started by creating logos out of their dorm rooms in college for high schools. Through their business Brandiose, Jason and Casey were behind creating the Sod Poodles logo and we couldn’t be more happy with the results.

Sod Poodles

5. Amarillo Meaning In Spanish

We call our home Amarillo and we probably say the name more then we even realize. But what’s behind the name and what does it even mean? Amarillo was originally named Oneida but later changed its name, probably due to the abundance of yellow wild flowers in the spring and summer. Because guess what, Amarillo means yellow in Spanish. This is one of the reasons why Amarillo got the nickname “The Yellow Rose Of Texas”.

6. Amarillo, Texas Chick-Fil-A

The quiz wouldn’t be complete without one of the nations fastest growing food chains. This Christian based organization has become a regular suggestion for all couples that are trying to decide where to eat. Well at least in our household. If you aren’t familiar with the locations of every Chick-Fil-A in Amarillo can you even call yourself a true local? Amarillo currently has only 4 locations. Which leaves us wondering why they aren’t on every corner.

Amarillo Texas Chick Fil A

7. The Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch

Alright, we know this was a tough one, but what kind of quiz would this be if you got every question correct? I included this question because I felt like it was pretty interesting. I mean who would have thought that Stanley Marsh would have partnered with a bunch of hippies that called themselves “The Ant Farm”? Regardless of how the Cadillac Ranch was created, it has given Amarillo another reason to be known around the world.

8. The Second Largest Canyon

You can find canyons in almost every state in America. So what makes Palo Duro Canyon so special? If you are looking for the answer to that question here then I suggest a day trip with your family to The Palo Duro Canyon. Hiking, cycling, climbing, and breathtaking views will keep you going back for more. Amarillo is know for The Palo Duro Canyon to many people and they travel hundreds of miles to visit. So make sure to take advantage of having one of God’s beautiful creations in your backyard.

Palo Duro canyon

9. Amarillo’s Population In 1890

Amarillo Texas population

Ok, ok, this one needs a little explanation of why it got chosen to be included. To truly understand Amarillo and why it is home to many, you must understand the history. Knowing that 1890 had a population of 482 and 50,000 head of cattle helps you understand why Amarillo has such a proud cattle industry.

10. Amarillo Texas Elevation

The elevation of Amarillo is high when compared to many towns and cities in Texas and nearby states. With an elevation of 3,605 Amarillo ranks #18 on the list of highest altitudes in Texas.

Amarillo Texas Elevation

11. The Mayor Of Amarillo Texas

Amarillo, Texas Mayor

Knowing who our city mayor is should be important to anyone who has children that want to live here in the future. The mayor of Amarillo is Ginger Nelson. Mayor Nelson’s term is 2017-2021 so keep an eye out for our next election coming soon.

12. Our Biggest Industry

AmIf you are still reading then there’s a good chance you already know this answer. Amarillo started in the Cattle industry and grew rapidly in 1887 after the Fort Worth And Denver City Railroad was built. At this point a great cattle shipping market began and has grown to be one of America’s biggest cattle industries.


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