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Bomb City Roofing is a woman owned business that was created by Reagan Pearson. Reagan saw a need for change in the roofing industry and decided to take on the task. They offer full storm restoration, and claims assistance. While Bomb City Roofing’s main headquarters are in Amarillo, Texas they serve all of America. This is made possible with our partners throughout The United States. If you have storm restoration needs Bomb City Roofing is here to help. 

Best Roofing Company In Amarillo

Are we the best roofing company in Amarillo Texas and the surrounding area? You decide. We say this with confidence because Bomb City Roofing was created with the customers best interest in mind. Furthermore, our “No Cut Corners” policy is one of the reasons why we can put a claim to Amarillo’s best roofing company. Unfortunately 94% of new roofs are NOT installed in accordance with the manufactures specifications. As a result we have spent over 10 years in the industry and have seen the negative results of improper roofing techniques. This is why we implemented our “No Cut Corners” policy and only use the best material in our market and by using certified installers on all of our projects. We take pride in claiming to be the best Amarillo Roofing company.


Our competitors that do NOT meet manufactures specifications
Our installments that meet manufacturers specifications

We don't cut corners!

Being the best roofing company requires us to provide a service that goes above and beyond for our customers. By adding a 15 year warranty to our "No Cut Corners" policy we were able to elevate Bomb City Roofing above our competitors. Furthermore, we are proud to represent manufacturers that provide the best material in our market. Bomb City Roofing offers a 15 year warranty on all of our roofs because we install all material in accordance with manufacturers specifications. Simply put, we don't cut corners.

The material we use

Best Roof In Amarillo Texas

Best Material

The best roofing materials, in our local area are used on all of our projects. Luckily we are not like most companies because we put the costumer before profits. Unfortunately most roofing companies will claim to be the best, but use poor quality roofing supplies and uncertified installers.

BOMBCITY Amarillo Texas Roofer

Maximized Roof Life

Here at Bomb City Roofing we believe that using the best material available in our market will maximize the life of a roof. Product knowledge is crucial to being the best roofing company. As a result we spend time learning about the product we install. 

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Our Warranty

Bomb City Roofing stands behind the material with a 15 year warranty. Showing our trust in the material with a 15 year warranty gives our customers the comfort they deserve.

Our Installers

Bomb City Roofing Amarillo Texas

Roofing Is Art

Roofing as art to us, and we try to implement this on all of our projects. Our installers take pride in their work, and see roofs as the most important part of a home.


The Best Installers

Here at Bomb City Roofing we use the best certified installers. Our installers are held to a high standard, and are required to follow manufacturers specifications.

Customer Service

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100% Customer Satisfaction

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Bomb City Roofing has lifetime customers because we have their best inserts in mind. We like to think of our customers as family because we will be there for you when you need us most.

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We Care

Our customers are like family, so we build relationships that will last a lifetime. When you do business with Bomb City Roofing you can expect the best customer service.

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